Ron Howard Making Infrequent Superhero Movie

September 9, 2011


Ron Howard's brows collapse further down upon his eyes with each passing year, and yet still his eyes remain bigger than his filmmaking stomach, so to speak. Like so many directors as of late, Howard has hastily accumulated a massive list of film projects--a Will Smith-starring remake of Colossus: The Forbin Project, a Chris Hemsworth-starring movie on Formula One driver James Hunt, a Spy Vs. Spy movie, an adaptation of Under the Banner of Heaven, a Dark Tower trilogy and TV series, if someone will give him the money--that he'll clearly never get around completing, and today he's added another title to that list: 364. A superhero story of the highest concept, 364's twist is that the protagonist only gets to use his powers one day a year, and spends the remainder of the year figuring out what to do in his superpowered 24-hour period. Which heavy things to lift? Whose clothes should he x-ray vision through? These are things we'll see him struggle with, presumably. Probably over a montage that continually cuts back to a calendar, black markered Xs slowly building to a date circled in red.

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