'Simpsons' Channel May Fill in Brief Gap When 'Simpsons' Reruns Not Available

September 15, 2011


Sick of having to flip between Fox affiliates and A/V inputs just to keep a constant, 24-hour stream of Simpsons episodes pouring into your brain's quote center? Well, Fox may have finally figured out a way to take care of that issue: a channel devoted entirely to The Simpsons, ensuring that when you drift off on your couch, you will awaken at 3 AM to the same familiar yellow forms that kissed you goodnight.

Nothing is set in stone--and it's still unclear how much of a "Simpsons Channel" would actually be reality shows loosely based around contestants writing sentences on a board and rearranging themselves on a couch--but according to the L.A. Times and News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey, there have been "a number of meetings" about forming an all-Simpsons station as a way "to create additional revenue streams for the animated hit that goes beyond reruns on TV stations and DVD sales." Such are the dire straits our multi-national corporations are is in now that the once seemingly-bottomless "Don't have a cow, man!" tee shirt well has, at last, run dry.

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