'Smurfs' Topped Foreign Box Office for Sixth Straight Weekend, Just So You Know

September 19, 2011


While the United States this weekend enjoyed once again watching Hakuna Matata in a public setting, the world's population abroad continued its support for The Smurfs looking cute enough to take the kids to. For the sixth consecutive week, the broad comedy about little blue guys being in New York City managed to claim the top spot in the international box office--this despite Johnny English Reborn's top openings in 13 territories and the general consensus that The Smurfs was a serious piece of shit. As Variety noted, not since Avatar has a film performed so consistently overseas, so if you have any international friends you want to mock for having an enduring affection for blue, CGI, forest-dwelling creatures making first contact with the harsh realities of humanity, now's the time. Also, it's apparently a pretty good time to see Smurfs if you're in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, or any other other 13 places where Smurfs is the number one film in the country.

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