Sony Would Like You To Buy Your Own 3-D Glasses, Please

September 28, 2011


Sick of paying more for 3-D Movies? Hey, so is Sony, so would you mind buying your dumb glasses for yourself, please?

Supplying glasses for a big tentpole film can reportedly cost the studio $5 to $10 million dollars--which, honestly, doesn't seem like that much off the top of a film that will make hundreds of millions back, but it's enough that it's pushed Sony Pictures Entertainment to try to cut that cost and make whatever executive that thought of that look good. The studio has notified exhibitors that, beginning next May, 3-D glasses will no longer come along with their distributed films, leaving theaters to find their own way to pay for all those flimsy plastic frames they lose when children take them home to use as terrible sunglasses. To defray those expenses, the model Sony and other studios support--and you're not going to like this--is for the customer to buy their own 3-D glasses, or borrow them from the member of their '50s gang that always wears 3-D glasses as his defining trait.

To a public already put off by the high ticket price of 3-D films, it would seem the most obvious solution would be not bothering to see any of Sony's films in 3-D. But then you remember that Sony will be putting out Smurfs 2 in 3-D, and you'll probably miss some of the gags if you can't see crap flying out of the screen at you, so as it turns out, there is no solution. They've got us right where they want us.

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