'Thor 2' Could Be in 'Monster' Director's Hands

September 22, 2011


With Kenneth Branagh shirking directorial duties on the second Thor film to instead do something much more Branagh-y, Marvel's search for someone to direct their mallet-wielding god movie has reportedly led to Patty Jenkins. A previous report had indicated Marvel was looking for a Game of Thrones director to bring his knowledge of dudes wearing armor to the franchise, but now the studio is apparently "close to naming" Jenkins, who, as director of Monster, would bring to the film her unique command of scowling protagonists with flowing, golden hair. If she does get hired, she would notably--to the best of my recollection--be the first female to direct one of these superhero movies, bursting through the glass ceiling that has for so long separated Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal and Ryan Reynolds in a green, CGI muscle suit. In another decade, this moment is probably going to look just as momentous as women's suffrage.

NOTE: Whops! In the comments, my recollection has been updated to remember that full-fledged female Lexi Alexander directed Punisher: War Zone, so it turns out that glass ceiling was already shattered in a hail of Ray Stevenson's endless bullets.

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