'Young Adult' Poster Is So Scholastic-y, and More...

September 7, 2011


- Hey, the Young Adult poster looks like a young adult book! Finally, something that makes sense in this crazy, kooky world of ours.

- The Rum Diary poster, meanwhile, looks like it drew inspiration from the cover of Eat Pray Love.

- Keith Richards claims his autobiography, Life, is going to be adapted into a biopic. It's too early in development for casting, but yeah, we're all obviously thinking the same thing: another lucidity-free role for Johnny Depp. (via)

- Gwyneth Paltrow will be playing Mark Ruffalo's love interest in The Kids Are Alright writer Stuart Blumberg's directorial debut, Thanks for Sharing. That Paltrow gal is pretty annoying, isn't she?

- Abigail Breslin, the girl from Little Miss Sunshine, is going to star in an indie sex comedy about two teens who vow to copulate if they're still virgins at 18. I can't wait to make an obligatory comment about how, wow, she's really growin' up.

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