Your Netflix Is Losing Its Starz Package, and More...

September 1, 2011


- Effective February 28, Starz will no longer stream its content on Netflix. So if you're going to watch the Jason Alexander/Faye Dunaway chimp comedy Dunston Checks In, you'd better get on that.

- Disney's decision over whether to give Gore Verbinski a shit-ton of money to make The Lone Ranger has been given one further complication: apparently Johnny Depp won't play Tonto without Verbinski at the helm. Too bad an actual Native American for some reason isn't a viable alternative.

- Attack the Block alpha-chav Johnny Boyega has been cast in a role that's essentially young Mike Tyson in HBO's Da Brick. Good for him; as Law & Order: SVU has shown, it often takes far longer for an actor to establish themselves enough to play a violent rapist.

- Don't worry, Romancing the Stone isn't becoming a Gerard Butler/Katherine Heigl comedy anymore. Now it's becoming an NBC television series.

- Mark Bomback, the screenwriter who did recent drafts on Jack the Giant Killer and the Total Recall remake, has been hired to re-write The Wolverine. Mark, add more claws!

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