Zombie Romance May Have an Enemy Malkovich

September 8, 2011


What does every movie without a villainous John Malkovich need? That was a rhetorical question; obviously, they need villainous John Malkoviches. Good thing Jonathan Levine's Warm Bodies--a zombie-comedy-romance that does not currently list a scoundrel Malkovich among its cast--is TCOB'ing that situation. Summit Entertainment is currently in talks with Malkovich to play that film's villain opposite Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. Those two young actors are playing a zombie and human, respectively, who unite to form a star-crossed romance between flesh and hanging flesh, lust and brainlust, etc. The tone is reportedly "similiar to Twilight meets Shaun of the Dead," so despite the high hopes Malkovich villainy naturally instills, try to keep your expectations somewhere between the poles of hugely-enjoyable horror-comedy-romance and Twilight.

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