Actress Suing IMDb About Showing Her Age

October 18, 2011


"A lady never reveals her age," a lady often says before the attending nurse tells her no, they seriously need her age before they can operate. But the Internet Movie Database reveals all ages, lady or not, and for that a Texas actress is suing IMDb parent company Amazon. The woman--the AFP article declines to name her, but, like a friend going on a first date, they do immediately mention that she's Asian--has filed suit for $1 million, claiming the site's refusal to remove her date of birth has had a twofold negative effect on her getting roles: productions looking for younger women won't audition her, while casting agents looking for a 40-year-old end up telling her really flattering remarks about looking young, then tell her to please leave--and send in the next old lady, if she could. Amazon declined to comment on the pending litigation, but regardless of how this turns out, the suit itself already raises some important questions. Do we place too much value on age as a number--especially in women? Does the IMDb have the right--or, one could even argue, the responsibility--to report whatever relevant factual information it learns? And most importantly, why doesn't the IMDb show weights, too, so that casting agents can more easily filter out all the fatties? Hollywood has been waiting on that feature for years.

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