Angelina Jolie Made You a Bosnian War Romantic Melodrama

October 21, 2011


Written by Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and marking the directorial debut of the one from Girl, Interrupted whom your ex-girlfriend drunkenly claimed she'd make out with, In the Land of Blood and Honey takes a heavy, melodramatic look at a romance between a beautiful civilian and an opposition soldier during the Bosnian War. Because, let's be honest, who knows the anguish of what it's like to have a passionate romance strained by political lines better than Team Jolie? At last the fairer half of Brangelina has made the version of Beyond Borders she always dreamed of.

Here's your trailer:

Is it just me, or did you guys sense some real heat between Goran Kostić and Zana Marjanović? Won't be long until Bosnia's Us Weekly is referring to them as Marjakostić. Also, does anyone else get the sense that Angelina Jolie may have just finished the movie Ben Stiller was working on in Extras?


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