Antonio Banderas Just Doesn't Have Expendable Time, and More...

October 21, 2011


- Is Kevin Sorbo in some kind of Buried knock-off starring TV's Hercules? Without doing any research whatsoever into the matter, I'm going to look briefly at this poster and say yes.

- As for director George Sluizer's claim that he'd been talking to River Phoenix's family about getting their approval and Joaquin Phoenix's participation in releasing the film that captured River's final performance, a spokesperson for the Phoenix family wants you to know that's bullshit, and released a statement saying: "Joaquin Phoenix and his family have not been in communication with the director nor will they participate in any way." I hate to be the one to say it, George, but you look like such an asshole right now.

- Ben Stiller is attached to direct the horror film The Mountain from a script from his Reality Bites screenwriter Helen Childress. The film "revolves around a young woman who struggles to confront her destiny after stumbling upon a mysterious object that forces her to examine the secrets of her past," like when you come across your VHS copy of Reality Bites and remember how weird the '90s were.

- Antonio Banderas says he was offered a part in The Expendables 2 but doesn't think he'll have the time for it. To be honest, he doesn't really have the grossly bulging veins for it, either. (via)

- Fox has committed to a series pilot that will present a new take on Marvel's The Punisher that this time paints the character as a Dexter-like cop by day, vigilante punishment man in a skull shirt by night. Well, the superhero moonlighting routine worked out pretty well for NBC's Wonder Woman, so...

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