Batman Preview Only at 70mm IMAX Showings of Tom Cruise Movie

October 25, 2011


If you've got a notion to put on a shirt and see the six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue promised before showings of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, you're going to have to get really specific about which theater you go to. According to via), only 70mm IMAX screens will be screening the Dark Knight Rises footage, so if you want to hear Christian Bale's most recent Batgrowls, fight the heavy temptation to purchase anything that says "digital" and look for a theater with the 70mm projection. Otherwise, you're just going to be watching a lot of Tom Cruise jogging, and you'll have to wait until next year to see that Batman now has the strange affectation of giving a half-grin and a coy wink whenever he leaves a scene.

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