Cronenberg Has Written a Stoltz-less 'The Fly' Sequel, and More...

October 3, 2011


- David Cronenberg has revealed he's written a script for an update of The Fly that "is not exactly a remake, it's sort of a sequel, kinda." Like Teen Wolf, Too, but with fly men?

- With their Hunger Games adaptation already going full steam, Lionsgate have picked up the rights to another apparently-popular young adult series for development: Chaos Walking, a sci-fi trilogy concerned with the colonization of an Earth-like planet where human thoughts are broadcast, eliminating privacy. When the colony's evil mayor attempts to eliminate the native alien populations, only a 13-year-old kid can stop him, though presumably this teen's task is made more difficult in that everyone can hear him think how much he wants to get home from school to look at internet porn.

- Warner Bros. has has acquired film rights to the Don Winslow bestseller Satori, and plan to adapt it into a vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor would play a Westerner raised and trained as a ninja in Japan before being imprisoned, getting sprung by the CIA to commit a high-level assassination, falling in love with a beautiful French woman, and finding himself on the run from numerous powerful government and criminal organizations. Add an extreme sport in there, and that is also the description of every comic book character I invented as a twelve-year-old.

- Director Baltasar Kormakur liked working with Mark Wahlberg on Contraband so much that he's agreed to direct Marky M. in 2 Guns, too. In that film, a DEA agent and undercover naval officer both independently steal from the mob and end up investigating EACH OTHER, finally merging farcical comedies of errors and the popularity of CBS's NCIS into one easily-swallowed capsule, starring Mark Wahlberg and presumably someone else.

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