Disney Putting a Bunch of Other Old Cartoons Back in Theaters, Too

October 4, 2011


With The Lion King 3D re-release topping the box office for its first two weekends of release, and set to cross the $80 million mark before this week is over, Disney has realized this selling-their-old-things idea might be an even easier moneymaking scheme than their carwash idea. So, the studio has returned to its closet and, after careful searching, pulled out a few more vintage items to slap a 3D tag on and sell to chumps for somehow even more than the original asking prices. Specifically, the studio plans to convert and release 1991's The Beauty and the Beast, 2003's Finding Nemo, 2001's Monsters, Inc., and 1989's The Little Mermaid, at last teaching our youngest generation the way family cartoons used to be before this 3D fad, by showing them the beloved animated classics of yesteryear, now in 3D.

Starting January 13, 2012, the films will converted and released two a year, beginning with Beauty and the Beast, and followed by Nemo that September, Monsters the following January, and finally, Mermaid in September 2013. Of course, I say "finally" with a hint of skepticism, as I'm sure that if this goes well, Disney execs will scamper off back to The Disney Vault to dust off a few more old hits, finally allowing Walt Disney Company executives to get out of the competitive business of making movies and follow their retirement dreams of getting high and showing off their awesome Blu-ray collection to whoever has the cash to pay.

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