Even Brett Ratner's Greasy Dreams Come True, and More...

October 31, 2011


- greasy Brett Ratner told the New York Times he's currently working on his "dream project": an adaptation of the hit musical Wicked. Funny, because looking at him, I always imagined his dream project being paying poor women to lick up individually-wrapped margarine patties he throws on the floor.

- Good news for Anthony LaPaglia: the Without a Trace star has been added to the cast of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. He will be playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt's much older brother, who looks like Anthony LaPaglia.

- Olivia Wilde and Steve Buscemi are in talks to join the Steve Carell-Jim Carrey magician comedy Burt Wonderstone, thus giving that movie the broadest eye attractiveness variance in the history of film.

- Martin Campbell delivered one of the best Bond films to date with Casino Royale, but then he made Green Lantern, and so his fate is now to direct a film remake of the 1981 Lee Majors series The Fall Guy. The show ran for five seasons, and focused on a Hollywood stunt man moonlighting as a bounty hunter. Think Drive, but with none of the elements that made Drive enjoyable.

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