Fabled Travolta-Lohan Team-Up May Never Happen, and More...

October 7, 2011


- This poster for Shame asks us to reflect on all the deplorable things we've done in our beds, but I will not. The stains already tell their story to me every night.

- Aaron Eckhart is attached to play the lead in Lionsgate's adaptation of I, Frankenstein, which is just one of ten or so Frankenstein projects currently in development. Based on a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, co-creator of Underworld, the story sees Frankenstein's monster "caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans," because Kevin Grevioux's brainstorming process consistently involves smashing monster action figures together.

- Jena Malone has been cast as Southern gothic writer Carson McCullers in the biopic Lonely Hunter, and I'm not erudite enough to be all smart-ass about it. Sorry.

- Never mind about that John Gotti movie John Travolta was meant to star in with Lindsay Lohan and Al Pacino. The production has been put on hold indefinitely due to lack of funding. Well, at least that leaves Pacino open for a Jack & Jill sequel.

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