'Fantastic Voyage' Now a Love Story Inside the Human Body

October 31, 2011


Speaking to Deadline about his long-in-development remake of Fantastic Voyage, producer James Cameron revealed that of the many ways his Shawn Levy-directed project will differ from the original, one of the ways will be that his Fantastic Voyage has, by his own decision, been "turned into a love story." Unlike most instances of a team of people simultaneously entering a single being, this experience will begin with a gentle seduction, and the film will first introduce us to a scientist, his wife, and their sadly dwindling romance. When the wife becomes gravely ill, that's when shit gets ridiculous and the scientist and his team shrink down to save her. The love story continues within the body, though, and "once he gets to the brain, things really heat up," which presumably means Dr. Husband there discovers his wife's horniness center still willing to activate at his shrunken touch. After all, the brain is the key to the heart! And the key to the brain? A Will Smith-piloted submarine shrunk down to a micrometer and administered intravenously.

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