'Flowers of War' Trailer: Christian Bale an Action Priest, Again

October 20, 2011


Always a dynamic religious leader, Equilibrium star Christian Bale once again returns to the cloth to kick some more ass in Flowers of War, from House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou. Based on the Nanjing Massacre, during which Japanese soldiers raped and murdered untold numbers of Chinese civilians, the Chinese-funded film focuses on Father Bale and his attempts to evacuate his Chinese-girl filled church of its many endangered Chinese girls. Amidst this, Bale also acts coquettish and seemingly sleeps with a prostitute, and there's so much melodramatic music over so many bloody soldiers that the film looks like an adopted son wearing Saving Private Ryan's hand-me-downs. But the most telling example of this film's quality? The stone-rendered titles EXPLODE at the screen. What else do you want, Academy?


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