'Hostel 3' Involves Lots of Butts, No Hostels, Per Se

October 17, 2011


It's been four years since the last offering of the Hostel franchise, and it was starting to seem like maybe we were finally in the clear--but just as that moment of relief is always just when someone shows up to torture some people to death, now is when this unexpected Hostel sequel has emerged to let us know we still aren't safe, and we won't be until they've mercifully tortured us to death.

Though always scarcely budgeted, the Hostel series' latest entry sees a noticeable plummet in production value, and this trailer seems to largely consist of stock footage of casinos and strippers. Thankfully, the writing doesn't suffer for it, and plot devices like the "Wheel of MIS-fortune" survive, forcing the viewer to consider how it would be totally fucked up if there was this wheel that selects what weapon will be used to murder a Las Vegas tourist. And, yeah, this time it's set in a Vegas hotel instead of a hostel, because Hostel isn't really about hostels, man. Hostel is a state of mind, furnished with bunk-beds full of pandering torture porns just waiting to empty their chainsaw-filled backpacks into your brain. Hostel is also now a straight-to-video affair, and you can buy Hostel 3 for home viewing beginning December 27th.

Here's the trailer, which is not safe for work, due less to violence than to heavy ass content.


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