Johnny Depp Sorry About the Rape Thing, TV News, and More...

October 5, 2011


- A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas has some new posters that take advantage of things like "loaded" meaning having bullets AND being drunks, and how "dope" must have a Christmas meaning I'm unaware of.

- After years of promises about an Arrested Development movie, I see how you might be skeptical about the seemingly-illusory offering of another season of the show. BUT, there's reason for hope: whereas the Fox Network couldn't wait to shed itself of Ron Howard's voice, streaming services Netflix (an offshoot of Qwikster) and Hulu see this as a way to pull in indecisive subscribers and have reportedly started a bidding war. DISH Network's Blockbuster Movie Pass, meanwhile, is still concentrating on getting that Designing Women reunion going.

- Good news: the Coen Brothers are setting up an hour-long, single-camera comedy called HarveKarbo, about "an ill-tempered LA private investigator whose cases frequently involve the depraved doings of the Hollywood elite." Not as good news: they're just executive producing the thing. Good news if you liked the Ed Helms comedy Cedar Rapids: the guy who wrote that is writing this.

- Not to let the Coens have all the fun, Will and Jada Smith, too, are setting up a sitcom that, somehow, does not (yet) involve their children. Instead, it will star singer Anthony "Romeo" Santos as a Dominican New Yorker trying to live the American dream while also pleasing his traditional Dominican father. So far it's only going by the Untitled Romeo Project, but with the Smith's powerful ties, soon enough they'll certainly clear the rights to All-American Girl, Too: Now with Romeo instead of Margaret Cho.

- And finally, Johnny Depp is sorry he compared being part of a magazine photo shoot to being raped. It's more like a guy on the subway gently pushing his erection against your thigh until you scream.

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