Johnny Depp Will Make You a Dr. Seuss Movie

October 7, 2011


In his pursuit to play every legal delighter of children, Johnny Depp has played the Mad Hatter, the creator of Peter Pan, and Willy Wonka, and he may soon be adding Dr. Seuss to that list of child-loving non-offenders. THR reports Depp is working with Illumination Entertainment and Infinitum Nihil to produce and potentially star in a live-action movie about Theodor Geisel, the fraudulent doctor whose illustrated storybooks have long played a role in teaching children the quantity and color of fish. In Treatment staff writer Keith Bunin has been hired for the screenplay, and will hopefully litter it with references to a young Geisel refusing to eat moldy pork, improperly buttering his bread, and otherwise indicating goofy examples on the origin of ever famous Dr. Seuss tale. Fair warning, though, Bunin: if a dramatic moment of child abuse somehow mutates into the inception of Hop on Pop, that is when I will leave the theater.

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