Morgan Freeman Can't Believe People Saw His Bionic Dolphin Movie

October 3, 2011


Your weekend box office:

1. Dolphin Tale - Last weekend it opened at number three, but this weekend it finally caught on: it's a tale about a dolphin, but also the story has to do with its tail! ($14.2 million)

2. Moneyball - $12.5 million, holding fast on the second spot after being hurdled by Dolphin Tale. Brad Pitt just doesn't have the box office draw of an anonymous, severely-crippled, toothed whale.

3. The Lion King - $11.1 million, dropping almost 50% but still easily topping all newcomers despite the fact The Lion King already came out 13 years ago and will be on Blu-ray tomorrow. Too bad we already made this into a lavish stage show, because man, now we should make this into a lavish stage show.

4. 50/50 - $8.9 million. In retrospect, I suppose it was silly to expect audiences to check out a cancer movie when they're pretty freaked out to even check out their own ball sack if cancer could be involved.

5. Courageous - $8.8 million. Just as Fireproof managed to creep into the top five, so too has the same production company's latest pastor-approved melodrama about Christian public servants--and this one didn't even have Kirk Cameron in it. Only His spirit. (Kirk Cameron's spirit.)

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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