'Muppets' Done with Parody Trailers, After This Last One

October 27, 2011


Well, there's only about a month before the The Muppets' Thanksgiving release, and the studio has decided to finally call it quits with all the Muppet parody trailers. This is it, everyone: the final Muppet parody trailer. Thankfully, in preparation for the parody trailer fast ahead of us, we're being sent out on a binge, with this latest preview parodying Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in Boots, Happy Feet 2, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and, in a meta move, even the original spoof trailer that started it all some five months ago, washing them all with a charming layer of fur and felt that will make you wonder, "You know, why don't we actually make all these movies, and every other movie, with Muppets?" The answer is because that would make everyone go insane.

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