'My Week with Marilyn' Trailer: Michelle Williams Does Her Flirty Marilyn Monroe Impression

October 6, 2011


Ignoring that any week spent with Marilyn Monroe would clearly be spent trying to convince her it's your birthday, and that you'd like someone to somehow memorably commemorate it, and that she should keep in mind you're the president of something, Simon Curtis's My Week with Marilyn instead focuses on a young, gangling aide (Eddie Redmayne) who assists a bleach blonde Michelle Williams while she has a brief, wink-heavy stay the UK. Quickly, Monroe's heavy flirtations, stolen kisses, and all that winking make Young Assistant start to think this relationship could be going somewhere, earning him caution, scorn, and disbelief from others.

"Marilyn Monroe fancying you? Come on," questions Emma Watson.

"You, Emma Watson, playing The Plain One? Come the fuck on with THAT," the audience responds in unison.

Anyway, here's your trailer:

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