New 'Tower Heist' Trailer: Less Explicit Mention of Seizures, More Matt Lauer

October 6, 2011


After catching some flack for Eddie Murphy making epilepsy sound too hilarious in the first Tower Heist trailer, greasy director Brett Ratner promised to rectify the situation with a new trailer for his action comedy that is about a tower heist. Here is said fixed trailer. Now Murphy's description of Ben Stiller's violent seizures has been edited so that it sounds like it's about destroying a car, so it's fine, OK, everyone?

P.S.: If this trailer gets you excited to see the film, no need to visit a theater! Assuming you have Comcast cable, and also live in either Atlanta or Portland, you will be able to watch Tower Heist just three weeks after its release through video-on-demand, and it will only cost you $59.99--all part of a Universal test to see if select markets are full of idiots who would like to throw some crazy money at a movie called Tower Heist.

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