Nicolas Cage Makes Yet Another Film a 'Nicolas Cage Movie'

October 18, 2011


German production studio Bavariapool has decided to get into the English-langauge filmmaking business, and in the interest of not delaying the inevitable, they're going to get right to a Nicolas Cage thriller. Though Cage's last film, Drive Angry, is only in the 75th spot in the year's German box office--that's 30 spots below New Kids Turbo--the company has decided it makes good enough sense to cast Cage alongside German actress Veronica Ferres in Black Butterfly, a $13 million remake of the French television series Papillon noir. Cage will play Paul, a reclusive author who somehow befriends a drifter--WITH FATAL CONSEQUENCES, I'm told. This is a Nicolas Cage thriller, after all, and fatal consequence standards must be maintained. Shooting is expected to begin early next year in Germany, so if you're German, and this spring you hear someone on the street shouting, "I'll die in the name of honor!", don't worry: that's just Nicolas Cage, doing what he does in Europe.

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