No, You Are Not Allowed To Bring Your Child to 'Shame', and More...

October 26, 2011


- Director Steve McQueen's Shame had too many wieners and the like for the MPAA, and they've stamped with the film with the box office-killing NC-17 rating. At least the film has Milla Jovovich doing some free promotion.

- The Trip producer Andrew Eaton says there have been talks about doing another season/movie of his Steve Coogan-Rob Brydon comedy "maybe with different people to Steve & Rob." Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, please? I will also accept Norm Mcdonald and anyone.

- With Jessica Chastain having claimed one of Oblivion's two female leads, Hayley Atwell, Diane Kruger, and Kate Beckinsale are competing for the other and the chance to star opposite Tom Cruise. They'll test with the actor this weekend, and it will be decided who reacts less horrified to between-take maniacal grinning.

- Worst-named director McG is in talks to direct Puzzle Palace, a film about a veteran cop being framed for murder, forcing his son to break into One Police Plaza to find the evidence needed to prove the father's innocence. And no, there was never an Atari game called Puzzle Palace, though there clearly should have been.

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