NOOOOOO, It's the 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' 3D Trailer

October 25, 2011


As foretold, starting early next year, the Star Wars series will be back theaters in price-gouging 3D, and if you're one of the sure-to-be millions who will be re-disappointing yourself with The Phantom Menace's February opening, you should probably at least go in prepared. So please, watch this trailer for the Episode I re-release, and reacquaint yourself with such concepts as: that really long race sequence narrated by Greg Proops; the kid actor; Sam Jackson saying so much bullshit with a straight face; a fish metaphor taken to its most literal conclusion; Jar Jar; and Obi-Wan screaming "NOOOOOOO!", which seemed like a natural if dramatic reaction upon first viewing but, in light of recent events, now feels like a watershed moment in the series.

BOOO! Don't watch the series on the small screen! Unless you plan to buy the just-released Star Wars Blu-ray collection, in which case, please, buy that and watch it on television. George Lucas would like to afford a slave covered in actual gold, at last realizing the manservant he always envisioned as C-3PO.

(embed from The Playlist)

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