Occupy Wall Street Finally Gets Attention of Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne

October 18, 2011


In an August clip from The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy as Bane urged a stadium full of football fans to "take control," then proceeded to make other garbled, unclear demands. So, now that an entire political movement has formed with the purpose of taking control for the 99%--and also making some other garbled, unclear demands--Christopher Nolan is going to seemingly work some real life events into his Batman film.

According to L.A. Times sources, The Dark Knight Rises crew will be shifting production to New York City at the end of the month, shooting for two weeks beginning on October 29th, and cast members have reportedly been told that Occupy Wall Street scenes could well be included. Warner Bros. has not commented on the news, and, as the article points out, Nolan has been known to be secretive to the point of misleading. But still, perhaps even this rumored association between Batman and the protestors could help the movement, sending a clear message to the richest 1% that if you're going to be ridiculously wealthy, at least use your money to buy a Batmobile or something. Apparently not enough of the rich saw the Arthur remake to have picked up on that already.

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