Paranormal Activity 3's Flying Baby Dolls Lure in Audiences by the Busload

October 24, 2011


Your weekend box office:

1. Paranormal Activity 3 - $54 million, marking the biggest fall opening ever, as well as the highest opening gross ever for a pure horror film. And by "pure horror," I mean "pure American's Funniest Home Videos gags being attributed to specters."

2. Real Steel - $11.3 million, still proving tough to beat in its third week, like a resilient underdog boxing robot that, in this case, actually cost more than all the other robots.

3. Footloose - $10.9 million. Paramount, if you're thinking about a sequel: first they invited dance into their community... now, IT WON'T LEAVE. Pretty good, right?

4. The Three Musketeers - $8.8 million. I think we all know who should be SHAMEd for this failure.

5. The Ides of March - $4.9 million. Though the film dropped a spot, watching George Clooney pretend to be a political candidate on film still remained vastly more popular than watching any of the actual candidates in any context whatsoever.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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