Shia LaBeouf Will Play a 20-Foot Giant

October 18, 2011


Shia LaBeouf may have just been aggressively clobbered by a fat, shirtless, wasted guy, but all is not fat, shirtless, wasted clobberings in the LaBeouf world. On the brighter side, the ripple-headed actor will play the male lead in a "quirky" love story written and directed by City of Ember's Gil Kenan. The film focuses on a young lady who, after some poor luck in relationships and finances, moves in with her brother to reconnect. The film isn't all CBS sitcom pilot, though: instead of connecting with her brother she forms a relationship with LaBeouf, who's playing "a 20-foot-tall man-child who lives next door"--the kind of fantastical character who would never get clobbered into a curb by a fat, shirtless, wasted dude. A hero for all who have been clobbered by the fat, shirtless and wasted.

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