So Maybe This Is the Next Bond Title

October 6, 2011


Could Skyfall be the name of the film that will follow-up the descriptively-titled Quantum of Solace? Short answer: yes, it may well be. And doesn't it sound like the most first-person-shooteriest Bond name since Goldeneye became a more memorable Nintendo 64 game than a film?

As evidence, just take a look at the domains Sony Pictures has been buying up recently (as noticed by Fusible), seemingly pointing to a very specific title for our next James Bond film:

It is, of course, possible that Skyfall is just one title of several being considered right now, and these domains were simply purchased as a precaution, but still, if we're going to buy up and run porn out of it, we can't just sit on our hands and wait for a poster to show up at the multiplex; we've got to act on this now.


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