Tarsem Singh's Snow White Film Has New Photos, Still Maybe No Title

October 6, 2011


Like a visit to a fancy strip club, when watching a film by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall), the eye-catching visuals are paramount and, if Vince Vaughn suddenly shows up, well, that's just a not-entirely-unexpected bonus. Singh's next, Immortals, has so far seemed a bit lacking image-wise, at least in that it looks to be constructed entirely of dirt and someone's nightmares of 300, but after that he has a still-untitled retelling of the Snow White tale, and that appears to be stepping the visuals back up to the lurid, technicolor get-ups we've come to expect from the director. People, Yahoo, and EW have all just posted new stills from that fairy tale film, so let's take a look and make some premature judgements if this will be a better Snow White than the one where Kristen Stewart sulks around in armor.

Hooray, a girl!

Something about Björk.

The least sexy "feeding strawberries" scene in history.

Fencing Club president Armie Hammer thought this was going to look really cool for his senior photo.

Nathan Lane does a Nathan Lane Face.

This image of seven little people wearing funny hats has melted Peter Dinklage's Emmy.

The costume department assured Julia Roberts that no one would chuckle about the feathers looking like nipples, but they lied to her.

Armie Hammer is oblivious to the gilded stormtroopers approaching him.

Alright, fine, guys, you can have the Best Costumes Oscar. Give it a rest.

LOL she has to squat to stab him because he's a dwarf!

If you've seen Eyes Wide Shut, you know what's going on here.

I already gave you the Best Costumes award. What more do you want?

Armie Hammer must find a way to escape his Bob Ross painting prison.

The Evil Queen overlooks her people and her cotton candy chandeliers.

Nathan Lane does another Nathan Lane Face.

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