Time To Get To Work on That Micronauts Movie, and More...

October 18, 2011


- As previously rumored, Anne Hathaway has joined Hugh Jackman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Russell Crowe in Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Misérables. For the part of Fantine, Hathaway is rumored to have beaten out Rebecca Hall and Amy Adams--who would have, as always, delighted.

- Aaron Eckhart has learned to sing, play keyboards, and drums to play Dennis Wilson in a biopic about the Beach Boy drummer's later life and solo career. Now it's really a shame Two-Face died, because I'd love to see the scarred half sing while Harvey Dent keeps the beat.

- At Hasbro's insistence that all its favorite toys should be made into super cool movies, the writing team behind Zombieland will write a screenplay based on the toy brand's Micronauts toyline. If you don't know what Micronauts are, don't worry: there will be a movie explaining it all.

- Selena Gomez and director Dave Meyers are teaming up--and surely making some people jealous--for Hot Mess, a teen film about four girls "desperately trying to avoid becoming the hot messes they are destined to be"--a disturbing premise when you consider that The Fates themselves are meant to be using the term "hot mess."

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