'Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' Red-Band Trailer: Here's the Nudity, Drug Use, and Semen Jokes

October 20, 2011


In the cold war for gratuitous use of 3D, Piranha 3DD's three-dimensional fake breasts and real Hasselhoffs are starting to look pret-ty weak in comparison to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas's offerings. Today, a new trailer for the latter has arrived in a red-band variety, revealing the film's wealth of semen jokes, church pedophilia, claymation penises, actual boobs, RZAs, drugged-up toddlers, and NPH HJs--all presented in ridiculously prominent 3D. I'm sorry, Piranha 3DD, but you're going to need more than a risque title and a gun-legged Ving Rhames to get more stupidly over-the-top than that. Maybe a piranha with a vagina mouth that leads to obvious consequences? Just throwing out ideas.

Anyway, this is not to be viewed with co-workers:

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