Wachowskis Going Back to Sci-Fi Action Stuff More Suitable for Inspiring Screensavers

October 20, 2011


With the Wachowskis' hard-R, gay Iraq romance film set in the future having an unexplainably hard time finding funding, and their Will Smith-starring "modern, urban take on the Robin Hood myth" still stuck in the mire of sounding like Hollywood satire, the siblings that first awakened us to the fact that we're all living in a computer program wherein any kung fu move is possible are now planning a return to the action sci-fi genre. Though the next directors are shooting segments of the upcoming Cloud Atlas adaptation, their next complete effort will be something Deadline reports will be called Jupiter Ascending, so strike that as your prog rock band name. The plot details are being held close to the vest, but Warner Bros. seems to think no one remember Speed Racer, as they're already "discussing which A-list star to lead the cast"--so, hey, apparently the cast will be led by an A-list star! That's the best kind!

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