Werner Herzog Is Coming for You, Tom Cruise, and More...

October 4, 2011


- In an inspired casting decision, Werner Herzog has joined Christopher McQuarrie's adaptation of One Shot and will play the central villain, a former POW known as The Zec. In less inspired casting, Tom Cruise is still playing the protagonist--Jack Reacher--a 6'5", 250-pound ex-army cop out to prove innocent a sniper accused of murder. Considering we know Herzog can take a sniper show, I give the advantage to him.

- Due to contract disputes with the voice-acting casting, The Simpsons could end its 23-season run this spring. Then how meaningless will it be when someone tells you how they don't bother watching it anymore?

- M.C. Gainey, probably best known as Lost's Mr. Friendly, will play a villainous rapist and human-brander in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Meanwhile, Kurt Russell is in talks to take on the part Kevin Costner left, allowing us to talk about those two as if it's the early '90s again. Hooray!

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