You'll Get Your 'Avengers' Trailer on Tuesday

October 6, 2011


Ready to see Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Samuel L. Jackson in a room together, probably discussing the merits of using magic bludgeoning weapons versus shields or metal super suits? Well, there's still about seven months to go before The Avengers finds its way to theaters, but this Tuesday comes a taste of what's to come with a new trailer for the film--the first, unless you considered that teaser after Captain America to be a trailer. Maybe we'll get to see a 5-to-7-way high five! Or maybe it will just be a 3D "A" rotating around for thirty seconds whie Samuel L. Jackson says something about assembling. Either way, something is coming on Tuesday. PLUS: later next week is the New York Comic Con, for which Marvel has promised even more Avengers reveals, and I'll be there, to let you know if Scarlett Johansson's costume is 2 HOT, and that's just the shorthand I'll use to describe it if it is indeed too hot.


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