You're Finally Getting a Different 'Battlestar Galactica' Remake, and More...

October 20, 2011


- Bryan Singer's long talked-about plans to have his own Battlestar Galactica re-imagining that's different than the wildly-successful SyFy re-imagining is finally going to happen, as Universal is closing a deal for John Orloff--the writer of Legend of the Guardians and Roland Emmerich's idiotic Shakespeare conspiracy film--to write a script that will not be at all informed by the recent television series. Isn't this the same "innovate while remaining willfully ignorant of other, already-popular innovations" order that led to the Zune?

- DreamWorks Animation has acquired feature film rights to the eight-volume book series Captain Underpants, and you're getting none of the money despite for years already using that nickname for yourself for terrible, unrelated reasons.

- John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville are attached to star in a buddy comedy that takes the two to Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval celebration in order to sign a soccer star. Josh Stern will direct, having promised to accept whatever random results Mad Libs produced.

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