You're Getting a 'Mr. Ed' Movie

October 4, 2011


As the white-hot heat of Hot to Trot cools with age and the breeze of Bobcat Goldthwait's comical shouting, the need has come for another talking horse film to bear the saddle of gut-busting laughter. To fill that stable, Fox 2000 has purchased the films rights to Mr. Ed, CBS's early 1960s series about a pet horse that would talk only to its master, making for some wild and hilariously awkward situations if you didn't view the whole thing as a sad portrait of equine-themed mental illness. No writer or director is yet signed, but producers do already have a clear vision of at least one element of the production: while the TV series used a real horse that was coaxed into moving its mouth through training, string, and--depending who you talk to--mouthfuls of JIF, the film, too, will employ an actual horse but will use CGI to make the speech movement look natural. Real respectable-like, you know? Like Marmaduke.

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