'American Reunion' Trailer Should Probably Be Picked Up for Pilot

November 1, 2011


It's been over a dozen years since the first American Pie first cast its inescapable spell on Eugene Levy, and a lot has changed for the characters since then. No longer are they movie high schoolers with high school movie problems. Now they're sitcom characters, with sitcom character problems--like being married (yikes!), having kids (yikes!), talking on the phone with generic "guy" friends, and trying to all fit on one side of a table, so that the studio audience's view is not obscured by Jason Biggs. But apparently CBS is still not willing to mercifully give the American Pie series the primetime slot it's begging for, so we're going to have to experience these sitcom moments in the new film, American Reunion.

This first full trailer for the comedy mixes said sitcom humor with just enough party scenes to remind us of the old days, when these dudes trying to get laid with high school girls was not as possibly illegal as it is now. The only real surprise in this preview is in its final moments, which tease at a scene between Jim's Dad and Stifler's Mom, the meeting of which one would assume would have the same extraordinarily bad consequences as the meeting of the Keymaster and Gatekeeper.

I'm so sorry. When Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy met, and I was asked to "choose a form" for how we would meet our destruction at the hands of the American Pie franchise, I couldn't help but think of the already-cancelled 2011 Fox series Traffic Light.

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