Bill Paxton Will Make You a 'Kung Fu' Movie

November 1, 2011


The necessity of creating a new version of the Kung Fu series has led Legendary Entertainment to reportedly begin talks with Bill Paxton to direct a film adaptation. The original, '70s-run show starred David Carradine as the orphaned son of an American man and a Chinese woman. Trained as a Shaolin monk, he travels through the American Wild West, searching for his half brother and beating up whomever needs to be beat up along the way. The series already begat a 1986 TV movie and two sequel series, but none of those had Bill Paxton's hand guiding them, so you can surely see where there's room for improvement there.

Though known mostly as an actor and pinball machine, for Paxton, this won't be his first time behind the camera. In 2001, he directed and starred in Frailty, and in 2005 he made that film where Shia LaBeouf plays golf. But most importantly, Bill Paxton directed Fish Heads, the 1980 short featuring Paxton, Lost in Space's Billy Mumy, and some fish heads:

So Bill Paxton's Kung Fu will basically be that.

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