Bulgaria Worried Chuck Norris Too Close to Their Bats

November 16, 2011


Sylvester Stallone's Expendables sequel has already tragically cost us one human life, and Bulgarian authorities fear the shoot could also cost us many more in bats. The Bulgarian EPA has now fined the action production for illegally removing the flora from around a cave described as "one of the top 3 bat colonies in Europe." The exact size of the fine has not yet been determined, but it's said to be in the $343-$3,440 range--a pittance to a production with Jean-Claude Van Damme on the payroll, but enough of a warning to reportedly get producers to agree "to refrain from explosions, car chases and fires in close proximity to the cave." So now, when the Expendables calmly walk out of a cave, instead of diving from an awesome cave explosion car chase, you know who to blame for ruining the scene. Bats.

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