'Community' Once Again Proves Greatness with Three-Year Plan for Single Joke

November 23, 2011


Community's future on television remains in question as NBC decides if Whitney relationship commentary is a stronger investment than actual humor and heart, but if the series does end up cancelled, it at least goes down in a hail of paintball fire, having completed the following prolonged gag the writers have subtlety stretched across three seasons to its inevitable punchline. This is pretty great:

Good thing we had the foresight to always have one guy constantly monitoring mentions of Beetlejuice, another guy making GIFS of Alison Brie's boobs. It's all been covered.

Now, please don't cancel Community, NBC. As nice as it is that Arrested Development is finally returning, it's been a promise-breaking absentee for so long that I'd really grown to love my new dad, too.


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