'Gone' Trailer: What To Do When No One Believes You Were Kidnapped and Tossed in a Hole

November 18, 2011


As the trailer for Gone begins, Amanda Seyfried's sister is moments from being kidnapped and tossed in a hole dug specially for the storage and disposal of kidnapped girls. We, the rapt viewer, have no real knowledge of said hole, but Amanda Seyfried offers compelling evidence of its existence: SHE was tossed in that hole just last year! The problem is, the police don't believe her. Sure, she was found in the woods naked and covered in mud, but who's to say that wasn't just some Burning Man shit got out of hand? This is exactly why the vast majority of abducted-girl-hole incidences go tragically unreported, guys.

Anyway, the police department's failure to act of course means it's time for Amanda Seyfried to take things INTO HER OWN HANDS. It's also time for her to cry a lot:

Just so you all know, if it turns out Amanda Seyfried is herself the kidnapper, I'm going to flip out.

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