Hans Zimmer Would Like You To Chant for 'Dark Knight Rises'

November 7, 2011


Want to take an active role in the making of The Dark Knight Rises? Capable of blindly joining in with a cult-like chant? If so, then you, too, can be one of the many providing the next Batman film with a free, uncredited vocal performance. Playful yet casual composer Hans Zimmer (above, being playful yet casual) is inviting fans to join in on his Dark Knight Rises soundtrack by going to this site, listening to the example chant, and recording your own version of angrily shouting something that sounds like "eshay possah." If your recording is good enough--or even if it's terrible, actually, as Zimmer claims, "There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can't fix later"--you could become a part of the chorus, one voice lost in the crowd similarly screaming masses, like a missing white kid at SeaWorld Orlando. Finally, a way to make your shouting a true part Batman, not just a high-pitched shriek that eventually gets you removed from the theater.

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