Harold & Kumar's Presumed Forthcoming Success Begets Harold & Kumar Cartoon

November 4, 2011


With A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas opening this weekend to surprising critical approval for a movie so rich with drug and cum gags, Lionsgate is going ahead with shopping an animated version of the franchise around town. No word on if the main cast would be returning for that easy voice acting money, but Comedy Central and MTV are reportedly among several cable channels interested, either of which would probably be good in terms of maintaining standards of depravity. Just don't give it to TBS. Last time we did that, Ted Turner got the rights to the Joe Dirt cartoon, and now he's seemingly just SITTING on it. So privileged is the 1%, roosting atop their David Spade-voiced animation as if the rest of us don't need the laughter that one can only get with a joke about poor, white people sometimes having stupid haircuts.

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