Hayley Atwell To Pretty Up a Really Cheap '20,000 Leagues' Sequel

November 8, 2011


Hayley Atwell--the actress who singlehandedly made Captain America: The First Avenger the recipient of my grotesque, lascivious lip-smacking--has signed on to join The Return Of Captain Nemo, a $10 million sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Atwell would play the heroine, Sara, while Red Riding's David Morrissey is already signed to play her uncle, a government advisor who frees Nemo (Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville) from prison to investigate sea monsters that are attacking ships. It's a crazy plan, yes, and Uncle isn't happy about it, but Nemo's the only man with the experience, and this may be the only shot we've got, etc.

If $10 million seems like a meager budget for a film being presented as a large-scale aquatic adventure, there's a reason for that: like 300, pretty much the entire film is going to be shot entirely on a green screen. Also, that green screen will be located in Romania, where the green screens grow like weeds and can be stood in front of for pennies on the dollar.

Producer Amy Krell is reportedly close to finding financing for the project, and if the film does move forward, it will be coming out ahead of rival 20,000 Leagues projects being developed by David Fincher and Ridley & Tony Scott. Those films, however, do have their own advantages. The involvement of big name directors, for example. Also, being able to afford actual water, instead of using the water from a CGI screensaver found advertised in a pop-up ad. But those differences will probably be negligible.

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