Infant Forced To Recreate Movie Scenes for Your Enjoyment

November 11, 2011


Generally speaking, no one gives an ess about anyone else's baby photos--and that goes as well for those of you thinking you have cute babies. I promise you, your baby isn't really all that cute. Still, even knowing this, parents for some reason can't help but feel the need to show off what their interlocking privates created, and so mother Emily Cleaver has found a way to slightly resolve this inconsistency: taking photos of her son, Arthur, recreating famous movie scenes. As seen above, the child is aping Michael J. Fox's lycanthropy discovery from Teen Wolf, while the full blog includes recreations as high-brow as The Seventh Seal's chess match and as vaguely off-putting as the American Beauty rose petal fantasy. Exploitative? Oh, certainly. These photos may well later be referenced in a criminal trial. But if you're going to show off pictures of your kid, this is definitely the way to do it. And it's not like Anne Geddes wouldn't have done this, too, if she weren't so busy making babies look dead atop flowers.

(Thanks, Lindsey.)

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