Infographic Confirms Michael Bay Likes Explosions Quite a Bit

November 2, 2011


As you are probably aware if you have seen a Michael Bay film, Michael Bay is pretty keen on making things explode. Thing is, it can be hard to visualize exactly how many explosions Bay is treating you to while you're still amongst them, your delighted face aglow in CGI flame. Thankfully, graphic design student Jeffery Frankenhauser has used his talents to make Bay explosion data accessible to the masses, accruing the necessary Bay data and compiling it into an infographic he calls The Formula for Complete and Utter Bayhem. Unsurprisingly, most of this formula involves shit blowing up, but it also takes into account budgets, grosses, and on-screen deaths, and it shows a fairly definitive correlation between explosion quantity and box office success. Perhaps it is not that Michael Bay is obsessed with explosions, but that the world demands these fiery eruptions from him, and continues to reward their creation, eh? Something to chew on next time you're watching a car turn into a robot and blow up another robot in front of an American flag.

Full chart below.



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